New Techniques for the Regeneration of Dentin

It may sound odd to you, but the latest research has shown that the drugs used to treat the Alzheimer’s disease are quite beneficial for the health of your teeth and dentin to be precise. To put simply, the drug of Alzheimer’s disease is seen as the responsible agent, who could trigger the stem cells and hence the regeneration of the dentin can be accomplished with the help of this approach.  Another advantage of this drug is that it could help with the condition of pulp. This also implies that the issue of enamel regeneration along with the dentin cannot be confirmed; perhaps separate research or experiment could provide the needed insights. Some of the evidence shows that the dentin takes six weeks to regenerate. Moreover, it is not wrong to focus on the teeth whitening kit, however, a more holistic approach to maintain the overall oral health should be the main concern of the patients.

In other words, a specific kind of the material can be utilized to grow or nurture the regeneration process of dentin, especially if the exposure of the pulp can be ensured in addition to managing the chances of pulp infections. Similarly, caries can also play a role in harming the teeth, so the tideglusib can play a facilitating role in the regeneration process.  It is usually applied to the teeth with the help of a sponge. The main function of the tideglusib is to turn off the enzyme GSK-3, as it is the main inhibiting factor for the regeneration of the dentin.

Innovative Approach

The easy approaches developed as a result of the high-quality research has assisted the dentist is formulating a way to use the treatment of dentin regeneration to resolve the problems of a large cavity, as the pulp can be recovered in addition to the dentin. Likewise, the drug of Alzheimer’s has passed most of the stages to prove its effectiveness, which makes it convenient for the dentist to mold it and use it to address the common dental problems. Hence, the frequent use of dental cement and other substitutes can be controlled.

Main Steps

Two types of cells are responsible for making the multilayered structure of the tooth, in the simplistic terms. Enamel is the layer which relies on the ectoderm despite the disappearance of the hard tissue after the development of the layer. Specifically speaking, dentin is a product of odontoblasts. In the regeneration process, the tooth or root is inserted into the jaw bone. But this does not mean that the engineering techniques are tested, as it will take few more years to refine the results. Hence, the artificial options or alternatives can be used until conclusive results are achieved as a result of the regeneration techniques and the engineering options. However, if the process of regeneration is successfully done, it could restore the dental health and appearance of your teeth.

The significance of the dentin can also be realized if one takes into account the presence of the sensory nervous system which usually produces or controls the level of sensation, especially if the teeth are exposed to different temperature or textures. The role of pulp is considered important for the dentin due to the involvement of the pulp tissue inside the dentin. This means that the route to the blood supply and root apex is closely associated. Therefore, when the pulp is infected or the dentin, the sensation of the pain becomes excruciating and it is felt at a high threshold.

In case you have a situation in which the area of the pulp is infected by the germs, the material similar to the rubber is used as the substitute. This has been a practice of the dentist for the past few decades despite the increasing role of the technology and new advancements in the field of dental surgery. Some of the experts link the problems of the dental or pulp regeneration with the overemphasis of the dentist on the technical side of the treatments rather than coming up with the effective ways to grow the dentin or to save the pulp tissue.


Main Approaches

Though there are techniques for removing the part of the pulp, however, the results have shown a different picture. This is why dentist prefers not to use the traditional or old style. In other words, if you happen to develop a condition and your pulp is affected by it, the solutions or range of options are considered narrow. So, the removal of the damaged part is preferred by some of the dentists.

The problem of endodontic is not recommended by the dentist, as it may involve complications due to the problems with the root canal area. Similarly, in some of the cases, the instrument used to treat the situation can break or make perforations. This is why it can lead to the loss of a tooth or may cause other types of permanent damage.

If a tooth has some of the dentin intact, the endodontic treatment cannot help to stop or reduce the chances of tooth injury, as the tooth mostly triggers the chances of loss in addition to affecting the tooth. If one gets into the different stages of the treatment, it becomes clear that the steps for preparing the tooth is the prominent cause of the increases sensitivity and the damage is often overlooked by the people. This means the loss of tooth will directly increase if you go for the treatment of endodontic ally.

Nevertheless, the potential of the dentin to re-grow the dentin is not new because if the pup tissue is exposed or if direct therapy of the capping is applied, the pulp can promote the growth of the dentin, it is called as the dentin bridge by some. Before, the research on the new techniques, people relied on the cement material for the capping of the pulp, in addition to the calcium hydroxide and mineral trioxide.

Therefore, if your tooth is not managed in terms of containing the damage, the chances of regenerating the dentin will be reduced, as the benefits of the healthy pulp may be compromised. So, the process of dentin regeneration is not expected to make changes to the space of the pulp for accomplishing desired results.


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